What's that saying, "A clean home is a happy home..."

Doing chores is a part of daily living for most adults. Engaging your child in the cleaning and maintaining of your home from a young age sets them up to be independent at cleaning and maintaining their environment in the future.

During the preschool years, children want to join in on what they see you doing. Giving them age appropriate tasks creates a healthy and fun relationship with cleaning.

While you do the dishes, give them a bucket to wipe down the cabinets!

While you vacuum, have them dust a shelf or the leaves of a plant.

While you sort laundry, ask them to match socks.

This can start as young as 2, trust me! (With age appropriate tasks and *expectations.*)

Take the time to sit with them and show them how to do the task, then step back to observe how they engage. Stay close to help with any redirection necessary.

“But will things actually get clean if they are helping?”

Maybe not at first.

You might have more water on the floor than you do in the bucket by the time your child is done cleaning the cabinets. But then you get to show your child how to mop up the floor! The goal of involving your child isn’t to have a sparkly clean house in half the time. The goal is to instill in your child that taking care of your space and keeping it lovely feels good and involves the whole family, not just mom and/or dad.

Eventually your child will get better at their skills and then you’ll reap the natural reward of a sparkly clean house in half the time.


Photo by Jess Zoerb on Unsplash

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