Serious Child


During this hour-long consultation, we will review Montessori fundamentals and how to implement the principles in your home and daily life. 


Home Gardening

Consultation + Support

Consultation and Support offers three hours to learn about the Montessori philosophy and discuss how it directly applies to the key areas you want support in, identifying your child's individual needs. 

We can schedule it in either one session or separate sessions, whichever works best with your schedule. Scheduling separate sessions allows for follow up support where we discuss progress, observations and techniques, and troubleshoot any difficulties. 


Mother and Child

Year Package

After our initial consultation, we will meet monthly to discuss your child's development, provide extra support on focus areas,  and dig deeper into the Montessori philosophy. 

This package is perfect if you are looking for continued support during your child's ever-changing development, ideas and tips for age appropriate activities and chores, and are interested in spending more time with the Montessori method. 


All consultations will be done remotely unless otherwise scheduled. A deposit of 50% is due before the consultation.