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Meet Brigid

AMI Certified Montessori Primary Guide

I first fell in love with the Montessori method when I became an assistant in a preschool classroom in 2013. 

The beauty of the space and the materials, the pace of the classroom and the schedule, and the deep respect offered to the children and created in the community called to me.

Montessori is a holistic philosophy, focusing on the mind, body, and spirit. It approaches our human development and growth with respect to how individual we each are. A keystone to the Montessori method is observation: we observe what the child needs, provide and connect the child with developmentally appropriate materials and activities, and then observe to see if the need is met. 

Just as children do not come out of the womb knowing how to walk and talk, navigating parenthood is not something we innately already know. We learn and grow in our skills. My goal as an educator is to provide parents with support and Montessori fundamentals that fit and honor their child's pace and development. I will coach you on:

  • How to foster independence at each age through early childhood (focusing on years 2 to 6)

  • How to identify age appropriate toys and materials that build motor skills

  • Ways you can support language development

  • Techniques for potty training

  • How to navigate tough behaviors through individualized approaches.

Montessori is "peace education," not only focusing on the peace of the child, but the peace of the adult guiding the child. I hope to help you create peace for yourself, your child, and your family. 


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