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Meet Brigid

AMI certified Montessori Primary Guide


Welcome to Mulberry House Montessori Consulting. I am a Montessori Primary guide and early childhood educator.  I graduated from Gonzaga University in 2010 and received my Association Montessori Internationale certification in 2017 from Montessori Northwest. My love for the Montessori philosophy extends beyond the classroom into everyday life. I believe the Montessori method is an incredibly respectful and holistic way to approach childhood development as well as parenting and our own growth. 


My aim is to:

provide support to parents who may be unfamiliar with the Montessori method and are interested in incorporating it at home,

provide support to parents who are feeling overwhelmed by the rollercoaster of early childhood development and behaviors, and provide support to parents who are looking to foster independence and intrinsic self-motivation in their child. 

I Specialize In

(for ages 2 to 6)

Language Development

Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Potty Training

Setting Healthy Boundaries and Troubleshooting Tough Behaviors

Fostering Functional Independence

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Parental Support and

Montessori Fundamentals

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